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The main setting is a biomedical research lab, peopled by principal investigators, postdocs, and technicians. Some experiments yield interesting or important results, others seem to be running out of steam, and of course, while the experiments are in progress, it is practically impossible to tell which are which. There is stress about funding, and about getting the results that will make it possible to secure the funding to keep doing research. There are clashes about just how independent postdocs are supposed to be, and about whether the good of the research group ought to come before the good of anyone's individual project. There are disagreements about how credit should be shared.

Strikingly, many of these disputes are unspoken until things get really bad.

In many ways, this is a novel about human interactions and how they play out in a scientific world that relies on teamwork yet encourages fierce individualism. Many of the characters have rich inner monologues while communicating very little to their coworkers and confidants. They interpret the silences, the terse statements, the questions, what they see, and what they think they see... but their interpretations range from incomplete to dead wrong. They seem fearful of saying too much, and that fear speaks volumes about the way these characters view the scientific environment in which they're trying to achieve some measure of success.

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добавил(a):   cadet210   (Александр) 2 декабря 2014
состояние 5
год выпуска 2006
цена 100 RUBруб
город Москва
Издательство Dial Press Trade Paperbacks, New York 2006, Твердый переплет, станадртный формат, 390 страниц,

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